Temple trip October 2015

We had a great time!  It is so fun having Dani and Richard in our ward–tons of fun!!  I think it is kind of like what it would feel like to have my married boys in our ward.  Of course, none of them are married yet.  So we will have to wait for that.  But Dani and Richard give me things to look forward to.

We attended with the YSA branch here.  Then we all went out to Red Robbin afterward.  We were starving and they weren’t terribly happy about having to seat a party of 33 at 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was packed.  I was afraid I was going to eat the inside of my stomach, I was so hungry!  Then it was a long drive home!

And check out what Sun did during the drive:

She made a fingerless glove without a pattern just to see if she could do it!  Talented girlie!

Have a great day!!

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