Not so funny when you are sick:

I really do not mean to be neglecting my blog.  With Christmas and sickness and craziness, and seminary, I have not been able to spend enough time here.  But hopefully after Christmas, I will have a little more time and be able to share some fun things happening in our family. 

But here is the funny story for this week. 

On Thursday I went grocery shopping, because that is what I do on Thursdays, usually.  I went late, because I was starting to get sick and slow down.  Instead of doing it right away, I didn’t get out until 12:30.  By the time we got home, we had just enough time to ditch the groceries, without putting them away, and then I ran off to pick up Smiley from school.  I told Sport and Shorty to put them away.

When I walked into the house, after picking up Smiley, Spike met me at the door.  He crouched down, put both hands up under his chin in a claw-like pose, and creepily said, I ate the frosting that you bought and I unwrapped Sport’s candy cane all the way! 

Great!  Ugh!

I went into the kitchen to find all of the perishables put away, but the rest of the groceries all over the kitchen floor.  I located the frosting container and true to his word, it was open and little finger prints all throughout the frosting.  1/3 of the container was gone.  Do you know how much corn is in frosting?  A ton!

This was literally the reality of my next few days:

Spike isn’t quite this bad, but it certainly feels like this!  I LOVE Matt’s portrayal of Kyle–so true of how my children who are allergic to corn behave when they have corn.

This video makes me laugh and laugh, but only when I am not currently dealing with these true to life problems–at least at my house. 

One Comment on “Not so funny when you are sick:

  1. that made me laugh so hard! I can just see him saying that, I ate the frosting! Oh your boys! I'm glad I still get a dose of them from so far away! Loves


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