Family Photos

I feel like a super slacker!  I didn’t even meet my goal of trying to post every Friday last year!  And here it is the second Friday of 2016 and this is only my first post!!  Oh well, that is where my life is right now.

Over the holidays, I also was able to print my family photos–thanks to my amazing mother-in-law!  I dearly, dearly love her!!  On her trip up here, she slipped in the car when Dad slammed on the brakes to avoid another vehicle.  Mom wasn’t wearing her seat belt–shame on her.  She hit that handle that you hold onto on the ceiling…….

Poor Mom!  That was after two days.  She is better now.  Anyway, I was able to put the kids photos up on the wall:

I LOVE the wall!!
These don’t look as cool on-line as they do on my wall, but I put our family photos on canvas!  And I love them too!!

Today I am at the memorial service of a dear friend.  I will be mourning and celebrating with his family—celebrating because he is free of the pain and suffering of this mortality—mourning of course, because we miss him.  But we know we will see him again and his family will again behold his face and embrace him!  What an amazing thing we have, to know that family relationships are meant to extend beyond this life!!  Our friend had her marriage to her sweetheart solemnized in the temple of our God!  Her marriage to him will last beyond the grave!  What glorious news!  And that my friends, is worth celebrating!!

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