My week in photos

Right before Speedy left for General Conference, I finished Scuff’s quilt!!

This one is my favorite design so far!  It was a pain in the rear end!  But once I figured it out, it wasn’t too bad.  But the other ones come together so much faster!

During General Conference, this is where we found Smiley, though he swears he was never really asleep!

And yes, those are still Sport’s tubs waiting to be put up in the attic, until he returns from his mission.
This week, we actually had 80 degree weather!  Just one day, of course.  But I weeded the gardening area next to the deck, which I haven’t done for at least two years.  And I transplanted the raspberries that were growing the grass of the back yard into that little patch of earth.  Of course, my cat thought it was too hot.  I thought it was hysterical that he was trying to keep his body in the shade of the basketball hoop!

I saw these awesome flowers on my way home from the church one day.

And I think Spike Spike got a hold of my phone…….who would have guessed!?

Have a great weekend!!

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