Speedy Graduates!!!

Congratulations Speedy!!!  We are so very proud of you!!  Speedy is graduating an entire year early!  In January, we thought we were going to be moving this summer.  We spoke with the officials at his high school indicating that we didn’t want him to lose any ground if we actually made the move and needed to transfer to a regular high school.  It was early enough in the semester that they said, “If you change his classes like this, by Friday, he can graduate this semester!”  So we did it!  And then we didn’t move.  But we had already rearranged his classes.  So he did it!!

Speedy will stay home one more year and finish up his AA at our junior college, and finish his last year of seminary, and then next year, he will apply for college and a year after that put in his mission papers.

Grandma and Grandpa came up for the event!!  They only got lost twice!  But they made it in time for the ceremony!!  Afterward, we went out to eat at the Stuft Potato—amazing, authentic Austrian food!  Since Drew served his mission in Austria, it is his personal favorite.  And Speedy hadn’t ever been—so off we went.  I wish that I had taken photos of the entrees, but I only got dessert……checkout these beauties!!

For me, the best part was that Drew has been teaching me to golf!  Dad took us to the course and we rented carts and Dad and Drew played.  I rode along.  I wanted to play and they paid for me to play, but I was a chicken.  So…..next time.  I was worried I would hold everyone up.  But I can see why men really love the game—little cars to drive all over, hitting a ball and then hunting for it…..hours outside with an objective.  Even with the wind it was a ton of fun!

You would be proud of me….at the driving range I actually hit a couple!  It is really hard for me to figure it all out.  Even though I was really athletic in high school, golf uses totally different muscles!  I’m still trying to figure it out!

And you should know that graduation was three weeks ago.  It has just taken me that long to get things together and to blog.  But here we finally are!  We are so proud of you Speedy!!  Way to go!!
Congratulations!  Love Mom and Dad.

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