Mr. Kyle

Mr. Kyle

Our oldest son just got his first big boy job!!  He is teaching sixth grade, complete with salary and benefits!!  He has been teaching for about two weeks now.  He comes home at the end of the day exhausted and elated and ready to start the next day.  I can say that, not because he lives at home with us, but because I talk to him regularly, almost every day.  And every day ends with this sentence:  “I love my job, Mom!”

We are so happy for him!!!  Yea!!  One big boy planted!  I am sure things will change….eventually.  Because we all know that the only constant is change.  But for now, he is happy and has found a professional home.  Hooray!!!  I cannot believe I am the mother of a professional man….and I still have a first grader at home…..but that is beside the point.

He is going by Mr. Kyle, because well, Mr. Lund is his father.  (Think Crush from Finding Nemo….Dude, Mr. Turtle is my father.)  And to be honest, I really like his facial hair and his bald head.  He looks so much more professional!  When I saw him for the first time after he had shaved his head and grown out his beard, “Hey, your head’s upside down!!”  He didn’t think that was very funny.  I am still laughing. 😆

One Comment on “Mr. Kyle

  1. Carin-I was up late tonight nursing my baby boy (I had three little girls in a row and we just added a boy-Everett to the mix in December) and thought to check your blog. I have been so terrible at blogging for years but felt impressed to look you up. Where has the time gone? I feel like we just left Eureka but you had a tiny baby boy then. I'm so happy your family is all doing well and happy. We sure miss Eureka and the wonderful ward we left behind. I hope we can come for a visit sometime soon! Take care.Lindsay Barber


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