The other night…..

Spike Spike came into my room at 3 a.m. sobbing hysterically.  I had him climb into bed with me while I held him….since I was mostly asleep and needed to be up in two hours. 

Buddy, what’s the matter?? 

Why didn’t you put my name in the concrete??

(We have a cement slab in the backyard that needed to be replaced when we moved in, April of 2009.  To commemorate our new home, after the slab was poured, we all wrote our name into the concrete.  Spike was born in July of 2011.)

In the back yard? That concrete?

Yes, (sniffle, sniffle, ….sob)…..

When we poured that concrete and wrote all of our names into it, you weren’t here yet and we didn’t know you were coming.

But you should have put my name in the concrete too!!

But you were still living with Heavenly Father and we didn’t know you were going to be coming to this house.  We thought everyone was already here. 

You should have known I was coming!!

Well, Heavenly Father knew you were coming and He knew when.  You arrived at exactly the right time to be able to do all the very important things Heavenly Father wants you to do.  If you had come earlier, you might miss some of those things.  He sent you at exactly the right time.  Because He doesn’t make mistakes.  You came exactly when He knew you should.  And we are so excited that you came to our house!!  We love you!  Having you come, when we didn’t know you were coming was like getting an extra Christmas present!!!  Who wouldn’t want an extra Christmas present????!!

That seemed to quash the drama.  I still had to let him sleep on the couch in my bedroom. Such a sensitive little soul that boy!

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