About Me & Contact

I love to meet new people and to speak with others about families and my religion.
Contact me through my email:

I am:
……Passionate about the family and it’s place in society.
……In Love with my husband and children.
……crazy Busy but somehow Balanced.
……the Oldest who likes to be in Charge, but knows how to follow and is a great Support to the leader.
….. a horrible house cleaner….. People are more important to me.  Someday I will learn that keeping a clean house is helpful to my people too, but not today, the sun is out and we are going to the beach.
…..Faithful, Faith-filled, and Obedient.  I know where to put my loyalties and what truths will help me live a happy and peaceful life, filled with good works, family, and growth. Those truths begin with my relationship with Jesus Christ and are centered in His atonement.
…..a Psychology nut, following all things about Families, and Individuals, and their abilities to interact with each other and build Healthy Relationships. 
……a child of divorce, but more interested in building, than tearing down.
……Grateful for the earth and the beauties that surround us each and every day.
…..an avid watcher of Sunsets and birds, hiker in redwoods, walker of beaches, and tickler of small children.
……Teacher.  I want those around me to learn and grow.  I try to teach them what I know, that they can become independent and interdependent.
…….a Seeker, and applier of  knowledge.
…….a listener and a Friend
……..Just ME!

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