“Defeats the purpose of having the cat outside!”
I have had a nasty case of poison oak.  I went outside to put a baking soda paste on my legs and took a sheet and a pillow from the couch to lay on while it was drying.  I think I went in the house to put my scriptures away. And our furry feline took the opportunity.
Here is another pose we just thought was too precious!!  Sun and Shorty went outside with all of their stuffed animals to play zoo or pet shop or whatever.  They all came in for dinner.  During the meal, one of the kids said, ‘Hey!!  Look at the cat!!’  As long as you are the king of the yard….who needs to be the king of the jungle?
Also, for those of you who are wondering….we have heard from Slim.  He is doing well and arrived safely and is loving every minute!  You can keep up with him by checking out his blog:
We’ll post his emails here and keep you up to date with his where-abouts and activities!!

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