Thoughts from Camp…….

What to say??  Girls’ camp holds a special place in my heart, now and forever.  For me, camp was a safe place where I felt whole.  The things that were wrong in my life weren’t at camp.  The Spirit was there, though at that age, I didn’t recognize what I was feeling.  Camp allowed me to learn and make friends, but more importantly, it developed my testimony.  I LOVED the way I felt at camp!!  It was something I didn’t believe could be duplicated.
Now, as an adult, I recognize that familiar Spirit.  It CAN be duplicated every time I read my scriptures, pray, attend the temple, or just enjoy any meeting where the Spirit is.  But, even as an adult, camp has a special place in my heart.  Mostly because I recognize there are probably several girls, who, like me at that age, are feeling that familiar Spirit but not quite recognizing what it is.  Camp is sacred space where testimonies are growing….some are just being planted, some are being nursed over in tender years, some are being solidified, all are being shared.
I love camp because for me, it is where those first few blossoms of testimony began!  As an adult, I desperately hope we create a fertile atmosphere for testimony development.  Luckily, the stake which I live in, also knows the importance and significance of girls’ camp.  The leaders plan months and months in advance.  Those who serve at camp are prayed about and called and released after camp is over.  Serving in camp is not a gift to be taken lightly and it doesn’t just happen because you want to go.  I feel so very, very blessed to have been able to attend for the last five years.  And, of course, I certified for all four years again as an adult.  That was fun.
Here are two of the adults I served with.  Teri (center) is the stake YW President.  Kris (right) is the YW Camp Director.  At one time, a couple of years ago, Teri was still the stake YW Pres, Kris was her first counselor, and I was her second counselor.  Good times then and now!!  Thanks for letting us serve, still together, just in different capacities… more gifts from camp!

2 Comments on “Thoughts from Camp…….

  1. Appreciate the thoughts. As Stake YW president, I've just spent a fabulous week at camp. Luckily, I have such amazing leaders, I just have to show it and smile!!!!


  2. Glad you had fun and were able to go again! Wonderful that you recognize the opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of the girls at camp! I had very different experiences at Girls' Camp as a youth, and only went twice — if only our leaders had recognized the opportunities available for us as girls.


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