Florida, Orlando!!! English speaking!

Well….you heard it!!  Johnathan opened his mission call today and is to report to the Provo MTC on August 3rd……  Our baby is due on the 10th, but the doctor said he would not let me go past the 3rd of August.  So I guess Johnathan gets his wish and most likely, he will be here to see the baby born and into the MTC before the Fall semester begins.  (So that when he returns he can jump right back into school!) 

We are very excited for him and know this is a call from the Lord which will provide the growth and development Johnathan needs and the people who he needs to touch.  Congratulations Johnathan!!  We are very proud of you!  (And we are so very grateful Kyle was able to call in when we opened up the letter!)

3 Comments on “Florida, Orlando!!! English speaking!

  1. What!?! No phone call??? LOL Congrats!! We are very excited. By the way, Kestly is once again asking if she could please just move back to her friend Joshua. She tells us likes him so much better than anyone here.


  2. That's kinda neat, to have another one on it way, and one just arriving. I hope you are doing well and feeling well. I would love to see you, who knows maybe we'll get down there someday. I haven't spoken with your mom for awhile, will try to call her tonight. Hugs and kisses love you PS is your mom coming that way when the baby comes???? just wondering


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