Fabulous Five Friday Link-up: Family Edition

I LOVE where I live!!  On the 4th of July, we drove 30 minutes away, took a 20 minute hike and ended here:

Now, this photo doesn’t really do the scenery justice.  This ledge sits about 30 feet above the ocean so you can look down over the edge and see it crashing on the rocks below.  You are out in the ocean so it feels like it surrounds you…about 280 degrees around.  We even took all the kids and the baby!!

The trail right before you hit the ledge.

My little one makes the silliest faces:

This week, in addition to our nation’s birthday, I have 3 family members with birthdays:  My sister, happy 33rd!  and two sons–one turns 20 and the other 18!!  Happy birthday guys!

One of my very dearest friends celebrates her birthday as well.  So without embarrassing her too much—-yes I am talking to you Mrs. July 3rd!  I always enjoy your company!  Even though you have your own problems, you are an inspiration to me.  I receive strength from your example and perseverance.  I love talking doctrine with you.  You know your stuff and I learn from our discussions, even though they don’t happen as often as I would like.  (Not because of you…one of us is just a little busy  ???)  I miss having you live where we can interact personally every day.  Thanks for being my friend, for teaching me and encouraging me to be better.  I am a better woman from our friendship.  I love you!  Happy (late) birthday!!  You are always in my heart!

My baby started walking!!!

He has also started screaming for things he wants, yelling when things are taken away, head-butting when he is mad, banging his head on the floor when he is frustrated…..

Growling, hugging, kissing, and is finally learning to fall asleep by himself.  It just takes 1/2 an hour each evening of me lying beside him while he tries to figure it out!  Sheesh!  Like I said, high maintenance!

I forgot to add Heather’s Link up…..HERE

2 Comments on “Fabulous Five Friday Link-up: Family Edition

  1. yeah for going to sleep!!!! gray does the head butting thing, kind of! he will be cruisin crawling after us to pick him up and when we don't, he throws his head down on the floor and his chin hits the hard floor. poor boy has had a bruise there for a month cuz he keeps doing it!!!


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