Aunt Sherry

This is a photo of my mom’s family….most of them.  My aunt Sherry passed away last month.  My aunt Marie, aunt Janelle, uncle Buck, aunt Leona, my mother, and cousin Johnathan (Sherry’s oldest) are pictured in this photo at Sherry’s funeral.

I didn’t know my aunt very well.  She lived in Texas and we lived there until I was almost 8.  All of my memories of her and her family are from before then.  It is so neat to see her siblings together, missing my aunt Sheila, the baby of the family.  They look GREAT, don’t they?  I think my mom isn’t comfortable going grey yet….too bad….I love her anyway. 🙂  I had no idea my cousin was sooooo very tall!  My uncle isn’t short!

Anyway, thanks Marie for sending the photos!  I wish I could have attended the funeral!  I am so very glad Sherry has reunited with her sweet husband, a son, her parents, and a dear grand-daughter!  Sweet peace dear auntie!

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