Why I LOVE the INCREDIBLES!!! (Part 1)

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Family Science (FS) from BYU (Brigham Young University).  FS is a branch of psychology which emphasizes systems theory (studying relationship systems and groups, as opposed to individuals, which is traditional psychology).  BYU now has the School of Family Life which focuses on The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  I’m not sure what my major is called now, but suffice it to say, I had many, many, many classes on families and development.  Coming from a broken home, I am extremely passionate about what makes families function, and not just work, but THRIVE!!

I LOVE the Incredibles because of all the principles at work in the lives of this family.  I won’t be able to tell you everything I see in one post, or even two….so you’ll just have to come back periodically and see what else I have to say… 🙂  Today, I’ll just mention two.

‘More than Mr. Incredible’ Principle:
As they are saying their vows, Elastigirl says to Mr. Incredible, “If we are really going to make this work, you’re going to have to be more than Mr. Incredible.”

Isn’t that so true??  A lot of times during the dating/courting process both the man and the woman are so enamored with each other flaws are not so apparent.  In order to really make the marriage work, we cannot rely on those rose colored glasses of early courtship.  It takes more….  usually MUCH more.  It isn’t enough to focus on the more shallow public perceptions when deep flaws are noticed through the day in and day out process of married life.  It requires growth and patience on the part of both people……. usually over years of time, as all of us have rough edges that are painful and difficult to remove.

‘Everyone is special’ Principle:
Dash is driving home with his mother after being called into the principal’s office.  Mrs. Incredible is trying to explain why his behavior is inappropriate and other ways he might express himself.  Dash, defending himself, says, “Dad always says our powers make us special!”
Mrs. I:  “Everyone is special, Dash.”
Dash (under his breath):  “Which is the same thing as saying ‘No one is’!”

I LOVE how each person in the family is ‘SUPER’ in a different way.  Their gifts are unique, just like in life!  Each person is unique and special.  It is their individual gifts that allow them to offer something that no one else can to the world around them.  Sometimes their strength can compensate for the others’ weaknesses and sometimes others’ strengths compensate for their weaknesses.  Awesome!!!!

I have a TON more, but my own little Jack, Jack is calling for me.  Like Jack, Jack, we are not exactly sure what his gifts are yet, but we know they are there!!  Sorry I can’t just write them all now!!  Til next time!

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