A typical day for Heather’s Friday Five Link-up

6:00 a.m. Hopefully get out of bed without waking up the baby or hubby.  Say prayers and read scriptures (though the more regularly the baby is getting up at night, I sleep in until 6:30………this weekend it wasn’t teething, it was the flu…….lovely!)  Say good morning to Sport as he heads off to Seminary (early morning scripture study class).  Oh ya’—feed the cat.

6:30 a.m.  Wake up the rest of the crew and begin breakfast.  Give baby a glass of milk (coconut or almond) and change his diaper.

7:00 a.m. Wake them all up again and tell them breakfast is ready.  Make hubby’s lunch and answer all the questions about what we are eating for breakfast and what is available for lunch packing and if some boys have clean socks 🙂

7:30 a.m. Say family prayers

7:40 a.m. Take hubby and Sport to catch the bus to head to work and school.

7:50 a.m. Take Sun, Shorty, and Smiley to school.

8:15 a.m. Arrive home.  Eat breakfast. Read email and blogs, begin housework and homeschooling for Speedy.  All the while trying to entertain Spike.

11:00 a.m. Fix lunch for Spike, Speedy and myself.

11:30 a.m. Spike lays down for a nap.  (Sometime before now, hope I have taken a shower…..)

12:00 Go over math, English, Social Studies, and/or Science with Speedy and help out where needed.  Also, work on any extra things I am responsible for…..planning singing time music or props, organizing Relief Society activities, agendas, or just talking to people who need help from my ward or family or friends.  (I usually make all of those pesky business phone calls about this time too……)

Usually between 12 and 2 I try to squeeze in housework and laundry but if I’ve had appointments or other interruptions to my day I am making up the work here.

2:30 begins the pick-ups from school.

3:00 We start homework and do a little house cleaning after snacks.

Using potholders to unload the dishwasher

4:00 Begins dinner prep

5:00  We start dinner (maybe) and try to organize ourselves for the evenings’ activities which with so many people going so many different directions is always eventful……except of the blessed Monday evening when we have FAMILY HOME EVENING!!!  (Which deserves a post unto itself!)

8:00 p.m. We read scriptures as a family with whoever is home and say family prayers.  Then it is off to brush teeth, say personal prayers, put on pajamas, personal scripture study and fun reading until they fall asleep.

8:30 – 10:00 ish is older kid TV time where they can watch something with us that wouldn’t be appropriate for the younger kids before they head to bed.

That is a typical day at our house.  Link up to Heather’s Post to see what her family’s typical day looks like.  Some day I would really like to be organized enough that I actually do all the housework I have planned.  But the truth is, with the number of people who live here and the number of emotions and relationships that need managing, I spend most of time in people management and not enough time in stuff management.  I guess the stuff will still be here when the people are gone, right?  And if I take care of the people, so they are educated, well-rounded, happy, stable people, I have done a much greater service than making sure the dust bunnies are all rounded up.  But occasionally, focus has to be given to the house and order.  It is all in the balance……I just wish I was enough woman to manage the stuff and the people.  I think that is what the Lord is trying to teach me.  Each year I get a little more organize and each baby I think I function better than I did after the last one……but geesh!  One woman can only manage so much!  Have a great day!

2 Comments on “A typical day for Heather’s Friday Five Link-up

  1. What a fun glimpse! I loved what you said here:I guess the stuff will still be here when the people are gone, right? And if I take care of the people, so they are educated, well-rounded, happy, stable people, I have done a much greater service than making sure the dust bunnies are all rounded up.SO TRUE– that is always a comfort right? And a good indicator that you have your priorities right. I know several women with beautiful house and really unhappy kids. I'd rather have the opposite 🙂


  2. Looks like a very busy, productive, and great mom. I for one don't know how you could get everyone off fed, dressed, happy, and with lunches homework etc without losing your sanity. Great job and I love you and think you are amazingly awesome. Hugs


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