Photo Blast from the Past

So these photos were taken the day before our oldest son left on his mission.  Because we have so many boys so close together I am thinking it will be the last time we have family photos for a long time!  They were all taken by our friend, David Forthoffer.  I LOVE these photos.  Some of them are the same sittings we have of our family at earlier stages.

This is the same pose as a previous photo.
We have a THING for sunglasses.
OK…this one is my FAVORITE! LOVE the bat wings!
The first time we did this photo, the oldest was the tallest. 

So during this photo shoot, we had a lot of fun.  We moved the kitchen table and took them in front of the big window.  Unfortunately we didn’t all fit in front of the curtain…..Oh well.  Now we are two years, almost two and a half years, older and wiser.  OH….and we have added this little man to our group:

At the time of the photo shoot, we didn’t have any idea he was coming.  Welcome little man!!
Happy November!
PS Click here to see Heather’s Halloween Costume post!!  
Sorry this isn’t a Halloween edition 🙂 or even a Friday Five…..

3 Comments on “Photo Blast from the Past

  1. Fun! It's nice to \”meet\” another family with lots of boys. Aren't they great?


  2. What fun pictures! I love the sunglasses one too. THese are the things that you just treasure forever I Think. I am glad you linked up anyway. I miss it when you don't, but no pressure I just wanted you to know it has been fun to get glimpses into you:)


  3. I loved these pictures!!!! It's amazing how once the sunglasses were on, their personalities started to shine through!!!!! LOVE IT!!!


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