Happy Halloween Ramblings…..

Photo credit: spirogs.deviantart.com/art/Jack-O-Lantern-140863622

Well, today began quite interestingly.  For starters, our little baby was up for 2 1/2 hours last night, in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason.  After half an hour, I thought maybe his teeth were hurting, so I gave him some ibuprofen.  An hour later, I thought maybe he had eaten something he was allergic to, so I gave him some benadryl.  Finally about 40 minutes later he passed out only after I decided to sing him to sleep.  I turned the alarm off, hoping to sleep in.  That didn’t work either.  The cat meowed at the bottom of the stairs demanding his breakfast.  From past experience, I know he will wake the baby up, so I jumped out of bed and flew down the stairs to instruct the little ones to feed the cat.  Well, they couldn’t get the can opened, so he was still making a lot of noise.  We finally got that out of the way and began our day.

Extras for the day included climbing into the attic, without waking the baby, because my sweet husband instructed the children to put away the costume box.  It was in the way.  What was he thinking?!  Oh ya….order!  Also, providing fairy make-up and hair for Sun’s costume was on the agenda.  Yesterday, I received a frantic phone call from a room-parent asking for any assistance for a classroom party.  Well, sure I can drop something off.  So today I am a treat-deliverer. 

Today, I am also an English tutor.  One of my children is struggling with a paper.  He received a C and asked me to read it to help him with the rewrite.  I read it.  The criticisms are valid.  I told him so.  Then I became aware that he has another paper due tomorrow in the same class.  I asked him to let me read that essay.  After reading it, I said, “Son, we have to rewrite this.”  He, of course, was totally overwhelmed because it is due tomorrow and it has to be completely revamped.  I told him the options were to turn it in the way it is and have to rewrite it later, or to overwork it now and hopefully not need to rewrite.  So today we are writing a research paper and paying close attention to organization and style.  Citations, punctuation, spelling, mechanics….those are just going to have to wait.  He has a pretty decent grasp of those things so it should be fine.  The other issue is just writing to the particular style required by the class.  I am not too familiar with that style (MLA) so he is just going to have to do what he knows and work within the formatting.

Today, I am a math tutor.  Another child is struggling with Algebra.  He has been focusing on a social studies research paper and although it is not a long paper, he is a creative writer and not too keen on academic details.  In the process (days of writing), we have neglected his math.  Today we are trying to get caught up in that subject.  It is coming, but the least common multiples of fractions are killing him.  So we have to focus in there a little more.

For Halloween, I am supposed to be a pirate but have not yet had time to put on my attire.  And with the way the baby is behaving, I may not have time the entire day.  I think he is sick.  Poor little thing. 

We may just have left-overs for dinner.  But at least tonight, I know we will have fun.  We will sit around and watch our favorite Halloween movie……….The Legend of Sleepy Hollow followed by The Ghost and Mr. Chicken for the older ones.  OK….and you have to read this book:

We LOVE Dav Pilkey at our house!!  It was a great book.

Happy Haunting!!

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