Home Improvement Projects–Let the Phoof begin!

Our family room has lovingly been referred to as ‘The Man-Cave.’  It is ghastly ugly and has driven me crazy  since we have moved in, mostly because it is so dark.  I have had ideas for how I would like to decorate it and they are constantly being upgraded.  I have wanted to really soften the walls, carpet, drapes, light fixtures….all of it.  The boys have decided that if I am allowed to do all that I want to the room, they will lose ‘The Man-Cave’ because I will have ‘phoofed’ it with my feminine tastes!  I just keep reminding them they live here on a temporary basis and they can express their desires for decorating, but decisions will be made by the parents.

This weekend, we ordered the curtains and lamps for the family room.  They are exactly what I would want.  Here are some before photos of the things that drive me crazy:

Nasty, old curtains
Medieval light fixtures
 (Notice the brown walls!!)

Orange SHAG carpet…so 70’s!
naked wood ceilings with plastic beams

Now it will not all be done at one time.  Curtains and lamps this Christmas, maybe paint over the summer, maybe not until next Christmas, and at some point, carpet.  Here a little and there a little.

Here are the curtains we ordered:


Paint selections:

Anyway………..I cannot wait!!  I’ll post updates as they happen!  Hooray!  The Phoof has Begun!
Also, my sweet husband changed out the faucet in our bathroom:

I don’t have a before photo……but trust me, this is much, much better!  We still have orange Formica.  One thing at a time right?

The funny thing is, I have decided that I really like wearing orange. I have it on today!  I just don’t want to live in it anymore!

Happy home improvements!

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