Five for Friday…

This week we participated in parent-teacher conferences!  Woohoo!!  I do love hearing how the children are doing and learning about how things are functioning for them in their classrooms.  We get specific feedback on how we can help each child perform better in their class.

I bring paper and pencil so I can jot down notes, positive and negative, so I remember what I want to share about the conference with each child.  This year, Sun’s teacher wanted her to attend her conference.  She was very nervous (only because that is her nature).  He was extremely complimentary and praising of her.  It was very fun to watch her beam as he lathered on the compliments.  She really needed it.  The other thing he did that I hadn’t seen before was he had each of the children evaluate themselves in their classroom behavior and social interactions.  He gave them a list of things like:  I always get my work done; I am kind to others;  I follow the teachers instructions;  I am respectful;  I turn in my homework on time; etc…  Each child was suppose to grade themselves, 1 being never, 2, meaning sometimes, 3 meaning most of the time, and 4 being always.  On the back he gave space for writing things like:  My goals for the year are:,  I think I am good at:, stuff like that.  Then during the conference, he went over their self-evaluations and gave us his opinion of those areas.  In most areas he felt like Sun did better than she gave herself credit for.  That was important information as her mother, to realize that sometimes she undervalues herself.  (It was actually my husband who pointed it out, as I was explaining our conference to him….thanks Dear!)  So that will be something we will be working on at home, to help her come to a more accurate self-image.

I found out that even though Shorty is on top of all of his classwork, he hasn’t turned in any book reports which are due once a month.  Why? you ask.  Well, that was my question too.  So I asked him.  The answer:  Because I don’t know where the book report forms are in the classroom.  REALLY?!  OK so today’s only task was to ask where those papers are located.  Did it happen?  Nope, not today either.  So tomorrow if he doesn’t know when he gets in the car, I’ll send him back in to retrieve one.

And Smiley…..well, I already told you about his homework habits (HERE).  That was the only negative thing on his report card.  His teacher even told me how difficult of a time she has disciplining him because he seems to have such a good attitude, and it genuinely bothers him when he doesn’t have his homework to turn in.  Well, that isn’t how it appears at home.  Read the link to find out his reaction.  Anyway, we have implemented some consequences at home that appear to be working and motivating enough for him to remember to turn in his homework.  Whew!

I cleaned the shower!!! Will miracles never cease??!!  It was disgusting!  You did not want to see a before photo, trust me.  And yes, the entire bathroom is pink tile, see:
The toilet is pink too, but you don’t want to see that either.

The winter weather is upon us:
Have you ever had a really bad thing and a really good thing happen in the same day?  Yesterday was like that for me.  One of my children attended a college banquet to receive an award.  I didn’t get to attend because he is far, far away.  But just the fact that he received it was a great honor.
Later that night we received some sad news, not horrible, manageable.  But I was just sad for one of my kiddos.  It is just so weird to have really happy feelings and really sad feelings all in the same day about totally different events and people.
Number 5 was suppose to be the best—–the big finale!!!  I was going to post on how awesome it was to decorate for Christmas.  I had plans to bring the children home from school, pull all the decorations out and go to town.  But alas, my plan was foiled!

Service is so inconvenient sometimes!  One sister needed a ride to the department store to exchange pants.  Another sister needed to have her car jump started.  I am sad to say I was annoyed they needed my help instead of being able to decorate the house.  What kind of a Christian am I?  Sad!  I am going to have to change my attitude.  Speaking of which, my sweetheart now needs my assistance and I cannot even finish this blog.  Oh well, such is life 🙂

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