12 Days of Christmas Review

This year I participated in Stephanie’s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.  With all of the many things that were going on during the Christmas season, I have to admit, it was a little bit much for me.  But here is what I learned.  The first few days were not a problem.  I made some significant plans and followed through.  The next few days, I didn’t have specific plans.  My head would hit the pillow and I would think, “Darn it!!  I forgot to do some random act of kindness today!!”  At which point, the Spirit would gently remind me that I had spend half an hour talking on the phone with a sister who needed support and comfort, or I had baby sat on the spur of the moment for a friend, or I had taken dinner to so and so.  I realized that I lived the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, without much thought.  It was a normal part of my life. 

After day 7, I quit worrying about it.

Some things I would like to do better next year:

  • have a specific plan for each day
  • include the children in the planning and implementation (this year I talked about it with them, but I would like them to either help do something fun or practice it on their own and then report their efforts to the group…maybe during Family Home Evening?)
  • follow through on each day
  • start making the plan maybe in July!

This is the second year I have participated in the 12 days of Christmas.  Last year I focused on one person.  This year I tried to participate with Stephanie’s ideas.  I do really like the fact, when I am focusing on giving to others, the holiday does have more meaning for me, especially as a random act to multiple people.

Thanks for the ideas!!

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