Post 150!!!

What a beautiful holiday season we have had!!!  Drew’s parents have been with us!!  Our college boys have been home!!  We ordained Scuff an Elder and baptized Smiley.  That day we had doughnuts for breakfast and pizza for dinner, which was GREAT on the cooking scale and not so much on the bathroom scale.  We also managed to squeeze in family photos that day.  Here are a few photos from my camera and the goofing around we did. 

Stay tuned for the more professional looking ones.  The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been to have our missionary home for the family photos.  But the truth be told, we wouldn’t want him anywhere else.  I have been trying to decide if we should try to photoshop him in.  How do you feel about such things??  I kind of think that it should be a photo of the people who are here now, the way we are.  But my mother heart wants everyone to be included.  Spanky is a part of us.  He belongs!  He just was on an errand for the Lord when we happened to take the photo.  And let’s be real.  With so many boys, we will not all be home for a very, very long time.  Our family photos from here on out, will not be able to include everyone all the time.  I guess we just keep trying to include as many as possible as often as possible?

Have a great New Year!!!

One Comment on “Post 150!!!

  1. maybe make a \”collage\” with the full family and then him off to the side \”as a missionary\” then he will be known as to where he was. 🙂 loved the pics!!!!!


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