Don’t Worry about Tomorrow….

A few weeks ago, we had a Relief Society Committee meeting to plan some of the activities we want to do over the next few months.  The sister I asked to give the spiritual thought, shared the title of this blog as her thought.  It is an expression her mother uses.  It is so simple and so profound.  I have thought maybe I want to have it up on the wall at our house.

With boys going on missions, coming home from missions, teething, getting ready to start and finish high school, one making summer plans and finishing out his degree, and our little daughter thinking about the beginning of middle school and young women, I have been “careful and troubled” (Luke 10:38-42) about many things.

As opportunities have presented themselves, I have spent much time thinking and pondering about what would be best for each and every one of my people.  As bits and pieces of information trickled in over several days, a picture began to form.  The picture is a different picture than what I had assumed and planned for.  I began to see that the Lord has other plans.

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me all the time!  I am a planner.  I don’t have to be in control, but I like to know what the map looks like.  As I get new information, I readjust the plan.  Sometimes I am a willing participant; other times, I fight the process.

When I first have that picture form, I am excited and willing.  Sometimes in my enthusiasm, I ask, if it is the Lord’s will, the picture/impression will come to pass.  After that initial enthusiasm passes, I think, “Oh goodness, what have I done?!”

Here is an example:

We had four children, the youngest was 2.  We were living in a two-bedroom, basement apartment.  I was saying my prayers one night and was falling asleep as I prayed.  I heard a little voice, quiet at first, then louder and louder, until it seemed to be shouting.  “Mom………….Mom…….MOM!!!”

I woke up when I said, firmly, “What!!?”  Looking around the room, I saw no one except my sleeping spouse.  I went to the children’s room.  They were all asleep.  As I pondered about the experience, I realized, “Oh, another baby wants/needs to come to our house.”  I told the Lord He could send the baby.  I thought I could handle it.

When I shared those thoughts with my husband, he said, “WHAT??!  WHY would you DO that ??  We can’t manage another baby right now.  We live in two bedrooms.  Where are we going to put him/her and how are we going to afford it?”

I have to admit, I hadn’t considered any of those things.  I just knew the baby should come and I thought emotionally and physically I could probably do it.  As the process began and the baby was on his way, I thought, “Whose bright idea was this??”  Oh ya, it was mine.

But it is comforting, when those ‘I can’t do THIS’ thoughts come, to know….don’t worry about tomorrow, God has already been there.  He knows what is ahead.  He knows what is required.  He knows where I am, emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually.  If He has asked me to do it, I CAN do it.  The question is what will my attitude be during it, and will I allow the experience to help me learn and grow.

Don’t worry about tomorrow….God has already been there.

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