A nice, de-cluttering story!!

I have been on a kick of de-cluttering my house, lately.  I have to seriously do it every six months, where I go through everyone’s clothes and get rid of anything that is too old, too stained, doesn’t fit, isn’t worn, etc….  I usually go through the clothing once a year, around August, before school starts, and other household items at various times in the year.  I get to this place where I feel like our space has been encroached upon and our stuff has exploded and I do a major purge of the house.  This wouldn’t be so bad if I was the only one bringing stuff into the house, but with all of these people and the people they talk to, without consulting me…..you get the idea.  Too.much.stuff!

In the last two weeks, I have purged six 13-gallon size garbage bags of clothes, thrown away more socks, jeans, pants, shirts than I care to admit (ones beyond repair or re-purposing), tossed unnecessary electronic wires/toys/papers/magazines.  I have four bags of clothing waiting to be taken to the goodwill, along with a stroller, box of books, a couple of pans.  I even had a cookie jar in the pile, but that got broken, and you guessed it….tossed into the garbage.  Oh well, it was leaving the house one way or the other.  And I am not finished yet!!!  I should have taken photos, but I don’t think anyone would have enjoyed photos of my junk!

This is how I felt:

Oh YA! Take that Clutter!

But here is the sweet, sweet story:
Last week, in my purge mode, I decided that an old, wardrobe trunk, used as a dresser for the baby clothes, had to go.  I was done with it.  I cleaned out all of the outgrown baby items, closed it up and thought, ‘well, now it is ready to go’.  I didn’t have any idea where it would be taken or how it was going to get there.  We have down-sized to one compact car, seats five if we squish.  The wardrobe was too big for the back seat.

However, I do live on a busy street corner.  I had the thought on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, about 10:30, that I should put the trunk on the corner before 11.  That was going to be a feat…..it weighs a ton.  I enlisted the help of my almost 14 year-old, made a ‘FREE’ sign and we set out to moving it.  With a lot of maneuvering and strategically placing the baby behind the sliding glass door, alone in the house, we managed to get it to the corner.  Before Speedy got the sign on it, someone had stopped to pick it up and take it away.  SWEET!!  Less than 3 minutes!   Speedy helped her load it into her truck.

Then we got an old, gas bar-b-que and did the same thing.  It took a little longer, 20 minutes.  It too was GONE!  Hooray for easy!

I thought you’d enjoy that story!  And I wish you just as much luck in managing and disposing of your clutter!!  Now I’m off to dispose of those four bags waiting for their new home!!

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