Our family member in the hospital passed away so I am off to the funeral to mourn with my sweet family the loss of their wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend.  I will be back when the weekend is over and after I have reconnected with my kiddos will be back to blogging.

In the mean time, do me a favor.  Go to this website and consider donating.

I have been reading about the World Congress of the Family for about a decade now.  It is really scary some of the organizations who present themselves to the Congress and express that their views represent those of our entire society.  (Mandatory preschools, expecting all women to work and institutionalized childcare….scary stuff.)  It is scary enough, that I have continued to follow whatever I can find about subsequent Congresses.

This year, the Congress is being held in Sydney Australia and Angela Fallentine has the opportunity to go but not the funding.  Angela is one of us, a mom and someone who feels deeply about the family and the doctrinal importance the traditional family provides to the stability of our society and the health of individuals, especially children.  Please help her attend!!  Time is growing short, only two weeks left!! 

Send out the information far and wide, post it on your facebook, tweet, blog, whatever you do!!  Send out the call.  I didn’t want to hone in on anyone’s parade so I haven’t posted  about this yet.  But I am feeling the necessity to ask for your help.  Donate whatever you feel you can.  If we each give a little, we can know that our voices are heard and our position represented in the Congress!

Angela and her husband already testified to the New Zealand Parliament (Read about it here).

Please do what you can to help!!!   See you when I get home.

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