Real life is happening here.

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Sorry I have been a little absent in the blog-sphere.  This week has been super crazy.  I have been painting the man cave and hoping to have it finished before my college boys arrived home.  It wasn’t but I am over that now.  We have a family member in the hospital, extended family, and our concern and prayers are with her family.  Several of my friends have been having difficulties and I have been helping out and I have two college boys home.  So we have been kinda busy over here.

I have lots of emotional managing going on for myself and plenty of stories/applications to share, but they are going to have to wait until I have more time to think and ponder and can put them together in a blog post that is worthy of being read.  (Plus my baby has been sick….lots and lots of real life happening right now.)

I am imagining that I will be able to get a post or two together soon.  Until then, please check in and see if I have been able to get it together 🙂  Keep blogging 🙂

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