Book Review!!

Stephanie Sorenson, of Diapers and Divinity is the author of this amazing book.  It explores many characteristics of the Savior and how mothers, by sharing in those same responsibilities emulates Christ.  I especially loved this paragraph:

“As we go through the daily details of our mothering, the small things are more meaningful than we recognize.  Like signs and tokens of our covenant relationship with Christ, the simple emulation of His attributes binds us to Him and makes us like Him.  Piece by piece, we build a life and a home and a family based on the doctrines of Jesus Christ; we create in slow motion.”

Even though I have been a mother of earthly children for a little over 23 years now, the principles expressed in Stephanie’s book have given me a greater insight into my role.  I love motherhood.  I have a testimony of its importance and significance.  I love my roll and teaching my children and helping to mold and shape their soul.  It is personal and spiritual and sacred to me.  But I have to tell you, this new and unexpected event in our lives over the last almost three years now, has tried my soul.  After six years of not having little, little people in the house, to return to diapers, teething, sleepless nights and now the joys of toddler-hood, especially his favorite past-time of emptying the entire contents of my new face powder onto the bathroom floor, Oy!  I am tired.  And sometimes I feel weary……definitely weary in well-doing.

Covenant Motherhood has reminded me that my service is not forgotten to the Lord, that there truly is ‘divinity in each new life’ and my job as mother is just as significant and important to the molding of this little soul, as it has been to the eight before him.  I especially needed the reminder that God’s work is just like motherhood: developing souls, teaching, training, loving, supporting, extending the arm of mercy, and occasionally dispensing justice.  (I just thought I was past the early part of it…..)  But God does not get tired of his work.  He loves it, because He loves us.

I would not have chosen to have this many souls come to my house.  It was not in my plan.  But the Lord knows I will be obedient.  He knows I have a testimony of motherhood.  He knows I love people.  And He knows that love is never exhausted, it grows and grows and grows with each individual and each willing act of service.  He knows that as I just go through the process of mothering, again and again, my love will grow and my heart will be knit with each and every person He sends, even if they dump out all of the diapers, use my eye-liner to write on the wall, draw on my new couch with crayola marker, and dump cinnamon-sugar all over the kitchen table, chairs, and floor.  My love will grow, even then, and I will become more like Christ.  Thanks for the reminder, Stephanie.  I needed it.

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