This has been a crazy week of preparations.  Speedy is busy illustrating what his preparations have done for him by taking finals in all of his classes, but Scuff has just a few days to finish preparing for his missionary service, and tomorrow he will be receiving his endowment.  Because of all of the things going on, life at our house has been just crazy and emotions for everyone are running high.

It is very interesting how each and every person manages the stress they are feeling.  I bury my head and emotions, work like crazy and eat (already established….), especially things that cause me problems with weight, like milk, chocolate, and carbs.  One of my boys needs to play and exhibits significant annoyance and irritation that the rest of us do not feel like we can play because of the things we are trying to accomplish and his play time is not the way he thinks it should be, or that he doesn’t really have any time to play.  Another son procrastinates everything and does nothing.  He sits around reading a book or playing games on the computer just completely avoiding the responsibilities that are quickly crowding in upon him.  Another son wants to be entertained and participate with his brothers, feels pulled between his desire to play and need for work and then is just pretty much an emotional basket case because he doesn’t want to be responsible for doing what he wants to do and not finishing what he needs to do.  And then there is the baby…he must have had a bad dream about me leaving.  He woke up this morning hitting me and being so very angry with me, screaming and yelling and kept telling me that I was home!  It took a full 15 minutes of that before he was in an emotional place to be reasonable.  It is amazing to me how even at such an early age, we have feelings because of the things we think about and are important to us.  My little people are very intense emotional beings…..always.

 I think this will have to be a very short post so that I can keep on working with my emotional people and helping them learn to manage their stress in positive ways.  What positive ways have you found to manage stress and still accomplish those things that are stressful to you??

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