Happy Birthday Smiley!!!


I cannot believe Smiley is 9 today!!!  Congratulations!  Isn’t it so very cool to have your birthday on New Year’s Eve?  He was due the week of Christmas and then he was a week late!  It is NOT cool to have your eight baby be an entire week late.  None of my babies were late, except Smiley!  I guess everyone has to have their own time table, huh?

This week we have had his grandparents visiting.  It would be a lot of fun, except Grandpa got sick the day after he arrived and has been in bed ever since.  We thought they were going home right away, so we celebrated Smiley’s birthday on Saturday so they could be here.  At our house, the birthday person chooses dinner and dessert.  So last Saturday, we had pizza, soda, and chocolate cake, all from the store, and none homemade.

 This morning, Smiley woke up and said, “I think we should celebrate my birthday again today.”

“Smiley, everyone celebrates your birthday because it is New Year’s Eve!  Everyone is going to have a big party.”

His response:  “Then I think we should have cake.”

OK, Dad and I can manage that.  The other exciting thing for Smiley today is stay-up night.  Another tradition at our house, when you turn nine, you get to have an extra hour to stay up on Fridays, and you can watch things on TV that little children (under 9) cannot.  He is  pretty excited about that part.

The difficult part for us is that Spike will not stay in bed if no one is in the room.  Now we do not have anyone else in there for an hour on Fridays.  That will be a lovely adjustment!  I might actually have to train him to stay in bed!  (After training eight of them, I have been super lax in this particular area with this particular child.)  Drat!

I realized the other day, that we are no longer a family with little children.  Yes, we have one, but that is very different than a family that has most of the children under 10.  Most of our children are 9 and older.  The house functions so differently.  I really like it!  We are just one year away from having seven of the kids in or through the youth program.  Crazy!

Anyway, happy birthday Smiley!  We love you, and your very forth-right attitude!
Love Mom and Dad

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