It isn’t really lost until Mom can’t find it.

Do your boys struggle to find things??  I think it is a man problem.  Not one of the men in my home can find something that is lost, the remote control, telephone handset, car keys, wedding rings, socks, cub scout uniforms, scriptures, phone numbers, you name it.

The other day the remote control for the television was lost.  Drew had arrived home from work and wanted to sit and watch the news and no one could find the remote.  Now this was a little bigger tragedy than it would seem, you see, with our lack of discretionary funding, we have really old and worn down electronic equipment in our home.  The satellite receiver will only work with the remote.  We cannot change the channel without the remote.  The smallest individuals in the house are banned from remote usage because usually they lose the batteries from the back or just plain misplace the remote, which is what had happened this day.

Drew was kind of on the war path and declared that no children could have any privileges until the remote had been located.  (I was cooking dinner, so I was off the hook.)  They were all looking for half an hour, to no avail.   Then Sport piped up, “We should have Mom look for it.  You know it isn’t really lost lost unless Mom can’t find it.”

I have to say, I thought about that statement and recalled several times just in the last week where something was lost and I found it within about five minutes—an extra wallet, a back pack, a scouting uniform, scriptures.  I thought it was funny that the kids, or at least Sport, knew that was the pattern as well.

So I looked for the remote.  I looked for half an hour.  I couldn’t find it.  I declared it lost.  We did other things with our evening.  After the kids went to bed, Sun came in and said, “Look what I found…”  Drew and I turned around.  It was the remote.

“Where did you find it?”

“In my knitting bag.  I just reached in to get something and there it was.”

I have to say that I thought it was really funny that even though I didn’t find it, their sister did.

I still think it is a man disease.

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