Fun Christmas Things

We don’t have amazing family Christmas traditions, they are just simple.  Each child gets one gift.  We eat a fancy dinner on fancy dishes.  I wish we all dressed for dinner, but we don’t.  Our desire to have dinner on china dishes was to help our children learn to eat in a formal setting, so as they got older that was not intimidating to them.  Aside from the fact that we are already cooking lots of food and extra dishes are extra work, the children really enjoy this tradition.  We do it for Thanksgiving and Easter too.

But one thing that is truly unique in our home is making homemade pizza.  I have always liked it.  When I was younger, I worked in a pizza parlor.  I love being able to choose which toppings I want and how many of each.  After I learned the art of bread making, pizza making became that much yummier!  (I can’t believe spell check didn’t call me on that last word!)  Now when we make pizza, everyone wants to participate.  With the college boys home for Christmas, the kitchen was even busier.  But the coolest thing about it is I don’t have to be there.  We have done it so much and so often now, the children can do it all without my help and they love it!

So funny!!  The other thing we did was celebrate a birthday with Grandma!

Poor Grandpa….he was sick his entire visit.  He missed all our fun!

Sorry I didn’t get any photos of Christmas morning.  Sport may have some on his camera.  I’ll check.  We got up Christmas morning, ate all the candy and fruit in our stockings, read the Christmas story in Luke, opened our gifts, one of which was my favorite Christmas story:  How the Grinch stole Christmas, then we read it!  It was such a beautiful morning.  I love my family!!  I love having them around!

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