The Other Prodigal Son

As a mother of boys, this Mormon Message really touched my heart.  I cannot tell you how many times we have struggled with similar issues in our home…….jealousy of another sibling.  It definitely has gotten better as we have aged, but as this video shows, it isn’t always the case.

Yea for Elder Holland for putting things in perspective!

OK, I also had to include this one:

I have loved this story for a long time!  I just didn’t remember that it belonged to Elder Holland.  But I love the visual that Heavenly Father allowed them to go down the wrong road a short distance, so they would know without a doubt that the longer road they were on was the right one. 

When I heard the story, it was told that the right road was much longer and they traveled for several hours in the dark and if they hadn’t taken the shorter road in the daylight but instead immediately started on the longer road, they may have second guessed themselves and doubled back, not knowing which road was right.  Then they would have been lost in the canyon’s freezing temperatures overnight.  However, knowing that the shorter road was the wrong road, they had peace and a sure knowledge the road they were traveling was the right one, regardless of the time it took to travel it.

Love Elder Holland!  He has always been one of my favorites……..possibly because he was the president of BYU when I first attended!!

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