Not a holiday?

President’s Day is a holiday here in the United States.  In February, we celebrate the birthdays of two of our very amazing presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  Because they are close together, some school districts give us an entire week off of school (at least here in CA).  In other states, you may have two to four days off. 

Abraham Linoln courtesy of The New York Times

Yesterday was the first day of our president’s week holiday and everyone was home from work and school.  Though it was a holiday for them, they all had extra things they wanted my help with, which made it not a holiday for me, except that I was surrounded by my sweet family.  I just thought I would run through the day with you.

George Washington (

In the morning, 7 a.m., the four boys who remain at home went to put out flags in our community to celebrate the holiday.  About 7:15, I realized they were all gone and that meant the baby was left down stairs by himself.  I went down stairs knowing he can now open the front door and escape out of the house.  Luckily, the boys had been responsible and left out a door that he cannot open, leaving the lock that he cannot open on the front door.  And, as sweet big brothers would do, they put in his favorite movie.  He was in front of the TV when I got down the stairs.

After breakfast and internet catch-up (blog, email, cnn), I sat down with Sun and we planned out all of her homework for the week.  (We have struggled to keep her up to date with her classes.  She has kind of had vacation days throughout the year and now has to play catch up while everyone else is on break.  Poor girl.  Hard lessons, hopefully learned!)  I just let her know that if she wanted to have any privileges this week, she has to complete the assignments on her list first.  (It worked amazingly yesterday!  Today may be a different story.)  That took us until 11:30.

Then we fixed a quick lunch and made bread for dinner.  Drew had promised the little boys some time at the church playing basketball, so at 12:30, we spent 20 minutes there.  We dropped Sun off at piano and then made some photo copies and faxed some paperwork for health insurance for the older boys, and took Sport driving.  He finally received his permit (license to learn to drive).  [The fees before 17.5 years old are astronomical and ridiculous!]  We drove with him for an hour.

We arrived home at 2:30.  Drew dropped us off and headed to the office where he had some work that needed to be caught up.  From there, Speedy wanted me to sit down with him and discuss his options for a college major and to help him plan the classes he would need to take to accomplish that.  Which would be fine, if he had any idea of what he would like to do.  He still isn’t sure.  But that’s OK, the boy is only 14!  He has some time.  That took two hours.  By then it was time to cook dinner, and of course, we had one basketball practice.

Family Home Evening has been moved to tonight.

As much as I love playing and watching basketball, I am counting the down the days until we are finished with the crazy schedule!

My plan for my holiday??  Do the laundry.  But that didn’t happen either.  Guess I’ll move that today as well!  What do you do on your holidays?

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