Family First Friday #17 Mixing it up!

This week we have had gorgeous weather!!  We rarely have gorgeous weather!  It was not hot but by our standards, it was a scorcher (sorry to all of you who actually experience HOT weather!).  The temperature actually reached 82 degrees!  Some people said it was 86—it was not 86, 82?  Probably.  I didn’t bother to look at a thermometer.  I just took people’s word for it.

Because the weather rarely, if ever reaches 80 degrees here (remember we have coastal breezes because, well, we are on the coast), when it does, I pull the kids from whatever they are doing and we go to the beach.  (Seriously, maybe one day of the entire year it gets that warm!)  We take advantage of the moment and live!  My kids love it!  Currently, our car will only seat five, so only four of them get to go.  The bigger kids have been quite put out that we go to the beach without them.  If I had more seat belts, we would all go.

A few years ago (gosh, it’s been more than five now), I pulled the bigger kids out and took them to lunch and then we didn’t go back to school that day.  It was a really difficult thing for Sport at that point.  He was reluctant, but he finally came along.

We had so much fun at the beach!  I debated whether or not we really could manage it, as I had a ton to do that day and Wednesdays are my busiest day!  But how can you let a day like that go to waste??  We didn’t get to stay as long as we would have like to, only about an hour at the beach.  But it was glorious!  We simply missed our dear friends who used to go with us!!  (Diana, Linzy, Nena, Heidi, Jackie… know who you are!)  It was so much more fun when a group of us would do it and meet up there to just play and enjoy the most beautiful place where we live!

One mother in my primary presidency told me that she would pull her out once in a while to go and see a movie.  I just think that is great!  It doesn’t happen every day or once a week or once a month—-maybe once a school year, where I just pull them out to do something fun that we like to do as a family, play.  I wish we could pull Drew out of work, too.  Oh well, I guess someone has to be responsible.

And some day I am going to get a new digital camera to actually take photos of our adventures instead of relying on the few I can get with my phone.  But news to you!  My little toddler has figured out how to take photos on my phone.  He walks around every day taking fabulous photos of the carpet, the table, an elbow, it is awesome!  And he knows how to use the timer for the photo (I didn’t know I had a timer for photos……..).  He can also change the photos from color to black and white or negative (I didn’t know it could do that either).  But whatever!  I’ll attach some to this blog post so you can enjoy his photo art!

Here is my point today:  Do something fun and unexpected with your kids!!  Mix it up!  Something that speaks to their souls and says, “Hey!  I love you!  I am thinking about you!  I like spending time with you!  Let’s PLAY!”  You will make their day!  I promise!

This is when he is my favorite and I love him the most!

One Comment on “Family First Friday #17 Mixing it up!

  1. Just a bit jealous! It's been almost five years since I've been to the beach, and I'm pretty sure the last time was with you! So happy that we did that a few times. Pondering what ways I can do something different (but the same idea) here in the upper Midwest …. thanks for the reminder.


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