I’m OFF!!

I am on my way to Virginia today!!  Hip, hip hooray!!!  Slim is receiving his Bachelor’s Degree on Thursday!  I cannot believe I have a child old enough to be graduated from college!  I’m trying to get together my Family First Friday post so you will have it to read even though I will be flying home from Virginia!


So many crazy stories!  Wish my sweet husband luck as he tries to manage all the children, dinner, scouts, music classes, laundry, extra obnoxious things, like blowing a fuse in the house (that happened to me on Friday morning—only it wasn’t a house fuse, it was the electricity coming into the house! I had to have PG&E come and fix it, after I paid the electrician!), unexpected guest (oh—he probably won’t do that because they all stop by while he is at work).

Anyway, I am sure the children will have story after story to tell me when I return.  Good luck family!  I love you!

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