Family First Friday (on Saturday) Busy, Busy, Busy #20

Life has just been very, very busy.  But here are a few of the things we have been doing.

Sport’s Graduations (college and high school):

Now that those are out of the way 🙂

Sun has her Spring Review Show tonight.  Because she is singing a solo, she gets to wear whatever she wants for her solo.  She had nothing that she felt comfortable wearing.  So we dug through the fabric piles and found some materials that would work.  I have been busily sewing for the past week and would have been finished a while ago, except my sweetest little son spilled yellow nail polish all over the skirt I was sewing, so we had to start over.  Since then, I have been pumping out the next skirt and shirt especially the past three days.  But!!!  Last night at 11:30, I finished the outfit.  Hopefully, I’ll get to video her performance tonight and then put it up here on the blog.  Then you can see my magnificent sewing skills (NOT).  But you can see what I did and hopefully hear my beautiful daughter.  If it doesn’t work, then Oh well!

And, my dear friend called me yesterday in my mad sewing place and said, “Do you want to pick my raspberries? They are falling off of the plants and I don’t have time to do it or do anything with them.”  So I sent the boys over yesterday to pick.  And pick they did!  Now I have tons of raspberries to do something with.  Luckily they freeze pretty well and fairly easily, so they can wait until next week.

Also, next week, Slim arrives home.  Currently he is traveling across the country visiting a few peoples here and there.  Next weekend I have to go and pick him up. 

With all the extra men, there has been a lot of extra cooking, and we had a death in the ward, so there is that business also.  The funeral is on Monday and the death was expected.  Also, on Thursday, we got a phone call that one of the ward members was in the emergency room, a home teachee of my sweetheart.  When we arrived there, the missionaries were there.  One of their companions fell off his bicycle and broke his arm.  One of our other ward members was there.  He had just brought his mother-in-law in because they thought she had experienced a stroke.  And we had another ward member there who had had two surgeries earlier in the week.  So there has also been lots of visiting others and doing what we can to help them.

You can see, things are a little chaotic.  But things are happening.  Life is moving forward.  Now we just have to really focus and get Sun’s class finished off completely.  That will be the focus for the next week.  Wish us luck!

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