The Hope of God’s Light

I saw this on Friday and just really, really liked it, so I thought I would share it 🙂

So many times we have specific questions and need specific counsel and guidance and we put conditions on our relationship with God.  But there are rules about our ability to interact with Him.  There are things we need to do and places we need to be—not physically, but spiritually in our hearts.  We have to bring ourselves to a place where we can hear what God is trying to say to us.  That will happen when we are willing to listen, which means, not just to hear, but also to obey.  That may take us a while depending upon where we are starting from.  This story is a good illustration of that. 

It isn’t that God wasn’t there, or wasn’t interested, or didn’t care, or didn’t hear.  It was that Todd wasn’t in a place where he was ready to hear what God had to say.  Many times, we get the relationship backwards.  We want God to do and be certain things for us because that is what we need or want.  In reality, God is waiting for us to be and do certain things for Him, so He can bless us.  But we have to be willing to bend our will to His so we have the correct understanding of how things really work 🙂

Happy Sabbath!!

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