Clearer Perspective

I have been struggling lately with all of the drama going on here at our house.  I called one of my visiting teaching people on Thursday to invite her family to our ward Halloween Party and ended up taking her to the emergency room at the hospital.  After 5 hours in the emergency room, they decided to admit her.  I got home just after midnight, got my little family up and moving on Friday morning and was exhausted throughout the day, trying to manage home and visit my friend.  Her husband was out of town and she literally was all alone.  She really did need me there, as she has not been active for awhile and does not have many close friends.

Friday evening was the party, so there was that business of helping the children to get ready.  And then the toilet overflowed in the carpeted bathroom, but also backed up into the tub and the shower.  It has been a lovely weekend of talking to five plumbers in 24 hours trying to get that bathroom functioning (because every time we run a load of laundry, it overflows the toilet).  It has been just lovely!  Anyway, Friday night I just started to cry because of the stress and I personally bagged the Halloween party but sent the kids.

Saturday morning started bright and early with the Primary Program Practice, which we are presenting today.  The other ward in our building is also having their program today, so they wanted the building at the same time and they had actually scheduled it, where we had not.  We moved our practice to an hour and a half earlier.  Which all ended up being very good and wise because we had an unexpected memorial service that afternoon in the building as well (which for us, ended up being 5 and 1/2 hours, with set-up and clean-up) all the while trying to coordinate with multiple plumbers about our bathroom.  More crying for me on Saturday.

The bathroom is still not functioning (which means no laundry as well) and we will see what happens on Monday.  At least by the end of today, the Primary Program will be over.  One thing off of the list.

However, with all of our drama and stress, I watched this video this morning:

And I realized, that my life is really not so hard after all.  I do not have to flee my homeland or leave all of my things behind.  My daughter is not paralyzed from our journey and someone shooting her.  I have all the things I want and need, including two other bathrooms that work.  I have hope, and faith, family, love and all of the necessities of life.  Life is good!

I know my Father in Heaven loves me!  I know He is aware of me!  I know He will help me and comfort me, if I let Him!

Have a beautiful Sabbath.  Life is good, even when the toilet overflows onto my new carpet.

Update:  After I posted, I read this article on “The Surprising Science Behind ‘Supremely Happy’ People.”  It is well worth your time and happiness!!

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