Internet down blessings

Every year, the Monday before Halloween, we carve our pumpkins, roast the seeds, drink apple cider or hot cocoa, and watch the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Disney style).  It is one of my favorite evenings because we are enjoying each others’ company, spending time as a family doing something fun, and just hanging out together.

This year, we had also promised one of our children they would be able to watch a TV show for their help to clean up the building after a funeral this week.  Unfortunately, their ‘reward’ was going to fall on last night, our traditional Legend of Sleepy Hollow viewing.   I was not very happy.

For whatever reason, the stars and the cosmos aligned and our internet was down from about 4 p.m until 9 p.m.  That wasn’t so great for our son, who was disappointed at not receiving his reward last night, but it made me supremely happy, because we have the Legend of Sleepy Hollow on video.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t working either.  We did, however, have apple cider, carve pumpkins, enjoy family home evening and watched our favorite comedy series, Studio C.

Spike LOVED carving pumpkins and getting the seeds out.  This year I must have roasted them just the right way because the children ate almost all of them.  (Sorry, no photos).  But I simply washed the seeds in the colander, melted butter on a cookie sheet under the broiler, stirred the seeds into the butter and topped it with a ton of salt.  Then we broiled them for 10 minutes, stirred and broiled for five more.  Voila!  Delicious!

After the children had gone to bed, and the internet was up, I watched the Legend of Sleepy Hollow!  Well, more realistically, I fell asleep to it.  Guess I’ll watch it again later today!

Happy Halloween!!

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