Happy Birthday Smiley!!

It is so hard to believe this was taken 2 years ago!!  Yes, today Smiley is 10!  10!  A Webelo!  Two years away from receiving the Aaronic Priesthood!!  Today he looks like this:

In desperate need of a hair cut—but that is the agenda for tomorrow.  Today we are going to play and eat pizza and cake and I get to do grocery shopping—my favorite!  Ick!

As a fourth grader, Smiley is intelligent, fun, witty, studious, and a little mischievous.  He is playing community basketball and has decided that he is a baritone player.  He is an excellent reader and has a unique ability to put intellectual information together.  He is extremely logical and doesn’t leave out pieces.  He is the exact duplicate of his father.  Watching him grow gives me a glimpse of what my husband must have been like as a boy.  He loves hugs.  He knows the doctrines of the gospel.  I hope and pray he will choose to apply that knowledge wisely.

Here are a few photos from Christmas Day.  Sun made all of us beenies, that’s what we are wearing in the photos.  Have a great Holiday!!

Reads:  Mom, I love you always, even when you lay down the law!

We accidentally scheduled our missionaries to skype at the same time!  They got to skype each other too!

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