High School Update

Well, Sun did some politicking and wrote a letter expressing her desire to be reconsidered for acceptance to our high school.  She sent the letter three weeks ago.

Friday, they called to say they had reconsidered and they would accept her.

I wasn’t happy.  I had finally reconciled myself to the fact that we were doing something different and I was moving on with Plan B.  I struggled most of the day.

Sun and her siblings and her father, I might add, were all ecstatic!  I fought my sadness the rest of the day.

Yesterday, we met with their representative to discuss a few concerns.  Sunday Sun decided that she really did want to attend that high school.

I have accepted her decision.  She is comfortable that things happened for a specific reason and have helped her define who she is and how she needs to go about decision making.  I am glad that she has some concrete reasons for how things happened.  I am glad that she is seeing growth and development in herself.  I am glad she is happy.

As for me, I will have to adjust my attitude, as usual.

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Have a great day!

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