Maybe moving…..Day 6

Well, we got the phone call today.  They want him to interview on Tuesday September 9th.  That isn’t going to work because Drew has a judges meeting that day where he is presenting the budget (I think, don’t quote me on that!).  Anyway, we are trying to work out another day for an interview.  Right now we are waiting to hear.  I’ll probably write more later today after we hear what we are doing.  But I know my sweetheart feels so much better knowing that he is getting an interview.  So funny!  I love that man, but he is a worry-wart!

K.  Stay posted.  More later.

Well, we now have an interview set for the 10th.  We will see how things go.  Hopefully when we go down there we will be able to talk with a few of the ward people there and check out some housing opportunities.

Also, I told Speedy today.  He is excited!!   It is really funny to watch how the kids roller-coaster through their emotions of the pluses and minuses of moving.  One minute they are excited and giddy about the possibility and another minute they are mopy and sad about what they are leaving.  So very, very normal for the situation.

Alrighty, over the next week while we are waiting, we will just keep doing more research and taking care of things at the house.  How exciting!

(Here’s another one.  Yes, I was crazy!  I wrote three posts in one day.  Nuts, I know.  But sometimes the time was just getting away from me and I had to document something.)

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