FFF #19 2015–For the Love of Seminary

Last Friday, we held a ‘Freshman Orientation’ in seminary where we invited all the incoming freshman to attend seminary and see what it was like.  It was a ton of fun–mostly because currently we have only 3 students regularly attending.  That day, we added seven students–so we had a real class!!  Don’t make fun of me.  I know three students, two students, any student is a real class.  But truth be told, without the freshmen who are coming, we should have about 14 students in there now, and then add about 10 next fall.  And instead we have three (really four–one had serious health complications) faithful.

For our orientation, I made cinnamon rolls.  Anyone who makes cinnamon rolls, will tell you that, of course, they taste better fresh out of the oven.  But when class starts at 6:15 a.m., you have to get up pretty early to make cinnamon rolls.  I got up at 3 a.m., went back to bed from 3:30 until 4:30, got back up and rolled those babies out and put them into the oven.  By then, it was time to get up and get ready for class.  As I was rolling dough, I was reminded that every Friday of my freshman year of seminary, my seminary teacher made us fresh cinnamon rolls–not one Friday—Every Friday of the entire school year!!  That meant that every Friday she got up at 3 a.m. to make them for us.  Seriously, she must have loved us or something!

I can’t even remember her name!  I am sure she is long gone.  She was not young 30 years ago.  Now it was my turn to show another generation of youth how much we love them.  Now, I just don’t think I have it in me to do that every Friday, especially as long as Spike is still climbing into my bed most nights.  We had broken him of that habit and he was climbing into bed with Sun.  Then he got brave one day and walked through the dark of the house and up my stairs and into my bed.  He hasn’t gone back to Sun.  Darn it!  We will work on that over the summer.  For this year, next week is my last week of seminary until the Fall.

I guess I just wanted to have you think about the sacrifices you are making for your calling.  Are you sharing your love and appreciation for the Lord by the way you minister to those you work with or for in your callings?  It is a lot easier for me to do that when I work with the youth than when I work with the Sunbeams—but it shouldn’t be.  I should be able to share that kind of love and spirit regardless of where I am working or with whom–even if I have to pray for that ability—a lot!

Sorry this isn’t longer, but you probably have a lot to do today anyway!!  Tomorrow we are taking a friend to receive her endowment!  I am super excited about that!  I love attending the temple!  (This will be the 2nd time in one month!  I think that is a record for me since we have lived here.  We are four hours from the closest one.)

Have a great weekend!! I will!!

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