Birthday Bloggin’ Babble

Today is my husband’s birthday!  He is almost the big 50, but not quite.  What can I say?  Drew has been by my side now for 26 years or more.  We started as friends, hung out after class, ate meals together, and participated in ward stuff activities with each other.  Everyone thought we were dating when we weren’t because we spent so much time together.

He is my rock.  Next to my Savior, Drew is what keeps me sane, kind, functioning, and all in one piece.  I am prone to emotional explosions, especially when I have been bottling it for a while, which I do regularly.  He is good at getting me to vent and then knows how to manage all of my steam and exactly which words to say to help me stop the emotionally out of control train.  I guess you could say he helps me to bridle all that passion.  (Of course, he would like it all redirected—which I am working on–but that is a post for another day.)

I am so grateful for my kind-hearted, level-headed, malice-free husband who may not know how to fix the lawn mower, or build a wall, or even paint.  But when it comes to my heart, he can fix it all and does so with gentleness, love, and occasional reproof.

He is an amazing father.  Our children have periodically struggled with their relationship with their father, as most children do.  But always in time and experience, they come to see the wisdom of his counsel even if they do not agree with how he would have handled something.  I can only imagine that as they become parents in their own right, they will grow to greatly appreciate the example of fatherhood which was set before them.  I certainly do.

Fathers play a vital role in the development of their children.  Indeed, my children would not be the men they have become without the influence of their father.  Drew is an amazing man, a good man, a righteous man, a man who loves God above all others, and because of His love for God, he loves us, protects us, and leads us in a manner pleasing unto God.  Yea for righteous men with testimonies who will love and lead the next generation teaching them how men of God behave and live.  Yea for Drew!

Happy Birthday, Honey!  All my love,

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