Maybe Moving…Day 18

Driving Day.

Tuesday morning I got all the kiddos where they needed to go.  Kissed them and told them I’d see them in a few days.  I had presidency meeting at 10 a.m. then hit the grocery store, because that didn’t happen yesterday.  Then I came home and packed.  Finally.   I picked up Drew at 1 and we went and picked up the rental car.  When we got home, Drew packed and we tried to pull things together so we could leave.

I don’t know about you, but I have this uncanny sense of time.  I know exactly how long something will take me, including travel, and interruptions and I can usually sense if things won’t work into a given time slot and make adjustments within about 10 minutes of accuracy.  I was ready to drive away by 1:30 when we returned home with the car.  My husband does not have that gift.  He continuously underestimates the time something will take him and then we are late.  Today was no different.

Remember to look for this photo in other posts.  Then you’ll know what day I actually wrote it.

We left home at 2:30.  The kids usually get home by 3.  If we had stayed another 20 minutes, we could have picked the kiddos up ourselves!  But we finally got on the road.  It was only an 8 hour drive with stopping.  Oy!

As we drove I discussed with Drew the comments made by Speedy’s administrator about the area we were headed to.  It was fairly easy for both of us to say, that sounds a little too dangerous for us.  We made the decision on the drive, that we would be commuting to work and live in a safer neighborhood.  Which really is a fine decision because the only school we can find around the area that will allow our children to graduate high school with their Associate’s Degree is the area we decided we would live in if we get the job.  So that works out nicely.

We talked about all the things moving will mean for our family and our lives.  It is a little daunting.  My sweetheart needs stability and security.  He feels like he has that where we live and feels like he will be giving all of that up if we move.  I don’t agree with him, but those are his feelings, and so we need to work with that.  Moving will be hard on all of the children.  They do not like moving.  The littlest ones have not known anything except here.  The last five were born here.  Moving to another city is a huge step in their little lives–one that most of them do not want to have to face.  We have been managing lots and lots of emotions here.

Sun just cried and cried to me the other day.  I think I spent 45 minutes with her in her room as she poured out her little heart and just sobbed about all the reasons she didn’t want to move.  Some of you may say that I shouldn’t have told them until things were more final.  Yes, I can see that approach.  But, if we are moving, my little ones need more time to emotionally process what that means for them.

Slim told me during this process how hard the move from Utah to California was for him.  He was 7.  He said it was too fast.  He heard we were moving.  Then we were packing.  Then we drove away.  Then he had to attend a new school, with new people.  He wasn’t ready.  He was ‘sick’ the first week.  Shorty is a lot like him.  He needed more time to process.  So does Sun, and Speedy.  We still haven’t told Smiley.

We finally rolled into town about 10:30 p.m.  Checked into our hotel.  The interview is tomorrow @ 9:30.  Wish him luck!  I’m not sure what I will do during his two hour interview.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something!

(During the drive, we also found out about the death of one of our ward members, so the Bishop got to manage that remotely as well.  Love those days!)

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