FFF#20 2015 Summer Time

I love summer!!  I love having all my kids home almost all the time.  We have a ton of fun!  We play games, play in the sprinklers, go to the beach, fight, read books, pretend it is hot, when it is overcast and cold.  Lots of fun things and sometimes we even get on each others’ nerves because we are all together too much.

Part of the awesome things are having the college boys home!!  Part of the not so awesome things are having the college boys leave.  Spanky left on Monday.  Monday was super emotional day for the kiddos.  Even though I told them on Sunday night that he would be flying out Monday morning before they woke up, they were not OK when they woke up and he was gone.

It was early!  And the airport was empty.  (Not like it is ever full!!)  I have to say that is one thing I LOVE about living in a little place.  We have one gate and two planes, one airline.  That makes things a little more expensive, but no one is ever there.  No crowds.  No lines (very few like, maybe six people, ever).  No waiting, even for your baggage.  Walk through security.  So nice. 

Anyway, Spanky is back off to college and the bachelor’s life (minus all the partying and women, etc…).  Monday morning, Shorty was in a foul mood.  Spike was super grumpy and sad that he didn’t say good bye to Spanky that morning.  Shorty finally confessed that he did not want Spanky to go back to school.  That took some talking to.

Sun is taking two of her finals as I type.  When she is finished, she will have only one left!  Shorty and Smiley are out on Thursday.  Friday Sun and Speedy are off to EFY (See FFF #20 2015).  It will be a quiet week next week.  (I may take off the entire week of blogging and just clean my house—there’s a novel thought!)

What is your group doing for the summer?

I am contemplating a monthly swimming pass at our local pool, and teaching Spike how to read.  And we have Richard and Dani’s wedding in July and family photos that weekend.  That will be crazy!  But I will probably just prepare for the up and coming seminary year.  Have a great summer!!

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