Ramblings and a new stake president.

Just a few ramblings for the beginning of summer.

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Slim and Spanky are in Utah working and preparing for school.  Spanky will start again in the fall.  Slim, who knows when? 

Scuff is home, started working, yesterday was his first day after training, only no one called him to let him know he was on the schedule.  He got a call around 4:15 telling him he was an hour late.  That wasn’t fun for him.  Training was on Friday and they couldn’t get him into the schedule so they were going to call when they got it worked out.  They didn’t call.  But he is in better spirits now.

Sport is home, working out mission papers, etc…

Speedy and Sun are in Utah at EFY.  I cannot wait for them to get home and tell me all about it!!  I never attended EFY as a youth, or even knew it existed until I was a student at BYU.  Now we do what we can to give each of our children the opportunity to attend at least once, and hopefully twice between 14-18.  Totally worth the testimony building experience!!  Totally!

Shorty and Smiley are attending cub scout day camp this week.  Shorty is helping out.

Spike Spike is becoming a boy.  He is not a baby anymore.  He gave the opening prayer in primary on Sunday, with help of course, because otherwise he would have blessed each of the individuals in our family and then asked that we get home safely, and that would have been the end.  But he did a great job!  And didn’t insist on doing it his way–all of which is good.

Me?  I had my first mammogram yesterday.  Ugh!  I am feeling old.  They told me it would only take 10 minutes and the test only took 10 minutes.  But I was there for 45 before they took me back.  Frustrating.  I was so glad that I hadn’t tried to squeeze it in on the the day they called me.

This weekend we have stake conference and they are calling a new stake president.  Our entire stake is kind of excited.  In case you do not know what the process is, here is how it has worked the three times we have done it.  Saturday of the conference, the general authorities assigned will interview each member of the current stake presidency, the Patriarch, all of the High Council, the current Bishops and any other brethren in the stake the members of the stake presidency feel would qualify to lead the stake (i.e. former bishops or former stake presidency members—but not limited to that).  Each of those brethren has been asked to fill out a paper with their names and photos and some general information about themselves and to recommend three brethren whom they feel should lead the stake.  In their interviews, they will be asked why they have recommended those brethren.  The general authorities will use prayer and the Spirit to come to a consensus of whom they feel the Lord is calling as the new stake president.  After their interviews, they will confer, ponder and pray and then extend the calling to that man with his wife.  If after their interviews, they do not feel they have found the man the Lord would call, they continue looking by interviewing more brethren in the stake.  The announcement is then made in the Sunday morning session of the stake conference.

It will be an interesting weekend–that is for sure!  I will keep you posted.  Tomorrow and Thursday I have plans, so I will post a few more ‘Maybe Moving’ blogs to keep you busy.

Have a great summer!!  I will 🙂

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