Maybe Moving—Two months later

Well, at this point, I am not sure why I am still documenting this.  It is crazy to think that two months have passed and there is still no plan in site to be actually moving.  The job we were looking at has been offered to someone else and they are obviously working out.

I am not sure what the process is all about.  I have learned some significant things.  I finally can ask God for things that I need.  For a long time, I couldn’t.  I just didn’t feel like I could ask.  I am sure it is a product of my upbringing where I didn’t feel like I could ask for things from my parents and if I did, they had serious strings attached.  But now, if I need or want something, I feel like I can ask Heavenly Father for those things.

The thing I am learning now, however, is that I do not always believe He will give them to me.  I have asked for this job, because He told me to.  I have asked for a house that goes with this job, because He told me to.  I had no problem asking for them when He instructed me to do so.

But now that two months have come and gone, I question whether or not those things are coming, even though He instructed me to ask for them.  Maybe I need to accept that just because I ask, doesn’t mean it will happen.  Here though, I struggle with that because I was specific to only ask for things I knew He wanted me to ask for.  I know He has all power.  I know He can do His own work and He does not need me to do it for Him.  He can give me this job (or give it to Drew).  He can give us a house and He can do it whenever He desires to do so.

I still believe we are moving, because He told me so.  It is really difficult to continue believing in something when it would seem the time has passed.  Whenever I ask for clarification or a reminder of what I know, I receive the same information.  We are moving.  We are moving where I think we are going.

But I have no clue when, or how.  All I know, from past experience, is when the Lord’s plan is implemented, things happen quickly.  There is no time for doddling.  When it does happen, it will happen fast.  So I guess I had better continue with my list.  I’ll check it over and give a report in this post about where things are and what I still need to accomplish.  Then I’ll get on it 🙂

That’s it for now !!

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