Sun at EFY!!

Here is the video of my sweet daughter singing for the variety show at her session of EFY.  Just so you know, this is not her best work.  But it is the first time she has sung to such a large audience and in front of her peers, a Capella, without much rehearsal.  And this is the song she was singing when she learned that she really could sing—so it is kind of a special song for her.

You should know the story.  A few years ago, in the sixth grade, Sun decided to sing in her school’s talent show.  She was the final number and she did an amazing job!!  Because she was young and did so well, we found a local singing/theater group here in town and signed her up for a class that did not require an audition.  She was one of the oldest in the class and the teacher told her that she thought she would really enjoy the next session in the class with kids who were more her age.

I wasn’t going to sign her up for that class because it was a really short class and it was during basketball season while our family is totally busy.  Just to keep our schedule somewhat manageable, I thought she could skip a session.  The Spirit prevailed on me and told me that this was really important that she participate in this session.  Fine, I would manage the total chaos of our schedule to add her class to the mix.

 Because it was an in between session and there was no really big show at the end, there were only three kids in the class.  The teacher had ample time to focus on each of those students.  She gave each of them a monologue and helped them to find a solo to work on.  As she picked one for Sun and they were working on it, I piped in and suggested that Sun sing ‘Part of Your World’ from the Little Mermaid because I had heard her sing it at home and I knew how she felt about it.  The teacher readily agreed but said she didn’t have that music.  But Sun had brought it with her!!  (She must have pulled it off the internet when I wasn’t looking).  So they gave it to the accompanist and she started singing.

She was pretty tentative at first but somewhere after the first couple of lines, she got comfortable and really started singing.  The teacher stopped her, and helped her to see how her singing had changed and sent her back to the beginning of the song to sing it that way, which she did.  As her heart came through in her singing and it was beautiful, I just sat there and sobbed and sobbed!!  My little girl had found her voice and her gift!!  I was so happy that she had found a gift of hers that I couldn’t stop crying.  Finally her teacher said, I think we had better sing something else before we do much more to your poor mother.

Anyway, Sun usually hits all the notes and doesn’t miss them, but I think it is a pretty amazing job for the situation and circumstances.  And this is the song where she figured it out!!

PS..let me know if you can’t get this to play.  I can’t seem to make it play in the preview mode and I don’t know if that is because of my super old computer, or because I am in preview mode, or because it really isn’t working.  I guess I will try it tomorrow when it posts.  I really hope it works!!

IF it doesn’t play for you, hit this link and watch it on youtube..

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