Heading home from camp


Saturday morning, my kiddos and I went off to clean the church building because it was our turn.  We returned home from straightening, vacuuming and dusting the chapel to find our High Councilor sitting in the living room with Drew.

I, of course, looked absolutely lovely, unshowered, hair in a pony-tail, yesterday’s clothing on.  Of course, he was there to see me.

He extended the assignment for me to serve at our stake’s girls’ camp this year!   That was totally exciting!!  The only issue was that camp started on Tuesday, as in that’s where I have been this week.  So I threw things together, cancelled the dentists appointments we had scheduled this week, went grocery shopping for the kids while I was gone and rushed together planning for a vacation/camping trip.  Which is great and was a tons of fun, but there was a lot of planning to squeeze into no days so that things were comfortable for the boys here at home.  I guess they figured it out.

So I should be on my way home pretty soon, and then I can catch you up on our exciting week!!  Hopefully I won’t have to be doing too much 4 year old triage!!

This next week is super busy, so blogging may be a little sketchy too.  Richard and Dani are getting married on Thursday, meaning Slim, Tams, and Spanky are coming home and Spike Spike has a birthday this week, plus family photos in between the wedding and the reception.  Yep. It’s going to be nuts.  Ah good times!  But we are all here and accounted for.  We will see if I am still alive when it is all over.  (Then it is time to jump into seminary—sheesh!)

One Comment on “Heading home from camp

  1. Wow, I'm super impressed you could pull Girls Camp together like that. It's not my forte, so it would take me 2 years of stressed planning to do it not very well. ha ha


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