FFF#25–Confessions of a Crazy Mother

I am sitting in relative quiet for just a few moments as I scribble this out on the computer screen.  All of my children are home, in one place, at one time.  My head is spinning.  I cannot believe these are all my babies.  Having them all under one roof, all of that testosterone, hormones, relationship issues, Holy Cow!  I love them all, each one independent of the others, but managing their feelings about the other relationships they have with each other and being each one’s sounding board, Geesh!  It is almost more than one mother can bear!

copyright: Karen Larsen photography

Three of them rode home from Utah together for the weekend for Richard and Dani’s wedding.  (I will post about that next week……too much going on today and this weekend to report about that.)  But the 16 hours in the car of the three of them together, young adults who do not see eye to eye and who are all sensitive about the feelings of the others—our entire trip for the wedding was spent helping that little group to manage their 16 hour drive.

Now, we are having the new young adults struggling with the counsel and advice they are receiving from the older young adults and those frustrations.  I am so grateful we are only all together for two days 🙂

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

I know this is part of life and each of us has struggles with our own relationships and families.  And I have been working with people long enough to know that I am not responsible for their relationships with each other.  It is not my job.  But I do have to listen to each one as they express their frustrations about the others and then figure out how to give which counsel that might be helpful and received.  I love them all, dearly, but it is no wonder that I am 60 pounds overweight—I have had to learn to not take their stresses into my own self and allow it to affect how I live and feel.  That my blogging friends, is a lot easier said than done.

We picked up 1000 pounds of wheat at the storehouse yesterday since we were in town.  Just loading the wheat with those oldest four adults, there was a little bit of drama.  Can I just tell you that there is one of us who causes so much more drama than the rest?  He is not terribly wrong, but he is not always right either.  But he is really good at letting others know that he does not agree and is frustrated–which makes all of us so happy!  ugh!

Currently, half of them have run down to the church to play ball for an hour before we have to set up for the reception.  I cannot even imagine how things will go when we are actually doing this for one of the boys as opposed to one of their friends.  I am thinking the emotions will run just a little higher, especially when it is that one son’s turn!

OK.  I think that is enough of my emotional ranting.  I just needed to dump it before I ate it 🙂

I really do enjoy having them here and I do love them, each and every one of them with their unique personalities, talents, gifts, feelings and emotions.  I cannot even imagine what the future will hold as they get married and begin raising children!  Wow!  So many people, feelings, and emotions!!  I am going to have to come up with a catch word phrase I use for when people come to me and dump their emotional drama.  Maybe it will just be, “And what do you plan on changing about yourself so things are working better in that relationship?”  Although it needs to be a little shorter than that.  I’ll try and figure it out.

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Anyway, thanks for listening.  Enjoy reading this over and over so you can know that my life is just as normal and difficult as yours 🙂  Because we each have our own drama and battles to fight, unique to us and to our spiritual development.  As we pray, read our scriptures, and petition our God for help, He will help us.  He knows each of us and our personal circumstances and resources.  He knows what is available to help us—all of us regardless of our religion, nationality, or the color of our skin.  He loves us all.  We are all His and He wants all of us to return.  Just start today.  Pray to Him and ask for His blessings and His help.  He is there and available.  I just don’t know how He can do that for all of us.  I am struggling with 10 of us.  But I know He can and He does.

Have a great weekend!!  We have a family dinner, family photos, and a wedding reception on tap for us!

I’ll report more later, when I have more time and fewer people 🙂

One Comment on “FFF#25–Confessions of a Crazy Mother

  1. I, too, internalize the conflicts as well as the feelings of others. It's rough!! Good luck!! 🙂


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